€1.7 Million for Nature: Nala Earth Secures Significant Investment from Prominent Backers


June 12, 2024

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Berlin, 18th October - Nala Earth, an emerging player in the Nature Tech field, has secured an investment of €1.7 million from renowned investors shortly after its launch. The European climate tech fund Pale blue dot and the Swiss venture capital firm Wingman Ventures lead the list of supporters. Additionally, outstanding international angel investors such as Kentaro Kawamori, founder of the Carbon Management Unicorn Persefoni, Lea-Sophie Cramer, founder of Amorelie and 10morein, and Daniel Mahler, EVP Global Transformation and Category Leadership at Estée Lauder NY, are participating in the round.

Nala Earth's mission is to make Nature the #1 Stakeholder for Businesses around the globe by enabling companies to measure, manage and report their impact on biodiversity and nature through its Biodiversity & Nature Management Platform. The company is building a comprehensive global nature database by leveraging scientifically verified nature data from over 50 sources and analyzing satellite data using proprietary AI models. The goal is to enable companies to accurately understand and quantify their impact and dependencies from nature based on scientific principles. "Nature will have a seat at the negotiation table for every good company going forward. Reliable measurement and management of impact are essential for this. What we cannot measure, we cannot manage," emphasizes Nick Zumbühl, Founder and CEO of Nala Earth.

The demand for biodiversity reporting is rapidly increasing, and Nala is well-positioned to meet this demand. "Besides addressing the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis poses the next major challenge and opportunity for companies. At Nala Earth, we consider it a privilege to be part of the solution," emphasizes Anna Alex, founder and investor of Nala Earth.

Starting in 2024, companies with more than 500 employees will be required to report on their impact on nature and biodiversity under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). In addition to mandatory reporting, voluntary disclosure frameworks such as TNFD and SBTN initiatives are driving rapid standardization. "Unlike climate, there is no single metric for nature. Our software allows companies to identify the most relevant nature metrics for their business models and supply chains, taking the first step in protecting our environment," explained Nicolas Somogyi, Founder and CPO of Nala. Among the companies already trusting Nala is the renowned baby food manufacturer Hipp.

"Climate is more than just carbon and we’re excited to see companies focus on areas like nature, water and biodiversity. Nala is on a big mission and we’re excited to back the team on their journey. " adds Heidi Lindvall, General Partner at Pale Blue Dot.

Antonia Albert, Principal at Wingman Ventures adds: "Nature is our most precious resource. Nala has what it takes to empower companies to preserve and restore intact nature, and we are beyond excited to partner with Nick, Niko and Anna to support as many companies to become #naturepositive."

The commitment of this diverse group of investors will support Nala Earth in advancing its mission to make the impact of companies on nature measurable and manageable.

“Together we can make Nature the number one stakeholder for Businesses around the globe!” said Nick Zumbühl, CEO of Nala.


Anna Alex,

Founder of Nala Earth



About Nala Earth:

Nala Earth is a pioneering Nature Tech company that provides a Software solution empowering businesses to understand, measure, manage their impact on biodiversity and nature. By coupling global nature data with state-of-the-art AI, Nala Earth enables businesses to make more sustainable decisions while actively contributing to environmental preservation. Learn more at www.nala.earth