Report with leading nature regulations & frameworks

Tools to navigate CSRD & the maze of nature regulations & frameworks.
Broadcast your nature & biodiversity efforts following TNFD, GRI, & SBTN.

Use it to embed nature management across your business & demonstrate sustainability leadership to employees, customers, & investors
Annual revenue threshold for EU’s CSRD requiring companies to disclose on biodiversity, water, pollution
Assets managed by the 200+ investors in the Nature Action100 to drive corporate ambition on nature
Source: Nature Action 100
Global companies that have already committed to TNFD adoption by 2025
Source: TNFD
For CEOs, CFOs, Chief Risk Officers, Sustainability & Procurement Teams

Report and comply

Tools to comply with regional and local nature laws, including CSRD and EUDR. Prepare disclosure reports aligned with TNFD, GRI, and SBTN.
Navigate regulations
Navigate EU nature regulations such as CSRD and EUDR. Identify locations that require analysis and disclosure under regulation
Frameworks & Standards
Assemble the required metrics for TNFD, GRI, SBTN. Tools within the platform to prioritise locations and dimensions for disclosure.

Prepare for csrd, TNFD, and SBTN