Mitigate nature risks,
act on opportunities

Increase resilience by identifying and mitigating risks.
Generate value via nature positive products and greater resource efficiency.

potential profit loss due to nature risk for 60 public companies
Source: McKinsey
of executives consider biodiversity loss a threat by 2030, and 23% by 2025
Source: Capgemini
Annual potential net benefit of 12 corporate actions including regenerative agriculture, reducing food waste & plastic production
Source: McKinsey
For CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Sustainability & Procurement Teams

Increase resilience and generate value

Quantify nature risk & opportunities across your supply chain. Act based on industry & ecosystem benchmarks and best-practice guidance
Supply chain risk
Diagnose  risk throughout your operations and supply chain, summarised by location and risk type - physical or transition
Site level risk
Drill down to each site to assess risk factors, with location-specific benchmarks to guide action
Understand how  resource efficiency, nature positive products and services, sustainable financing, and enhanced reputation can create value

Assess nature risks in your business