Create nature positive strategies & targets

Turn nature management into a competitive advantage. Demonstrate  impact  to investors, employees, and customers by setting science-based targets with SBTN.

of companies are currently assessing the impact of their operations on biodiversity
Source: Capgemini
of the 7,700 companies who disclose to CDP are considering biodiversity in their strategies
Source: CDP
of the Fortune 500 have set a nature target beyond carbon
on biodiversity, water, forests, chemicals & plastics, or nutrients
Source: McKinsey
For CFOs, Compliance, Reporting, & Sustainability Teams

Transform nature management into a strategic advantage

Assemble a comprehensive fact base for a nature strategy & targets that are tailored to your business
Nature Prioritisation
Determine which dimensions across land, water, biodiversity  are most material and should be prioritised
Target setting with SBTN
Tools to devise science-based targets for Land and Freshwater following SBTN's guidance
Sustainable procurement
Embed nature management into procurement. Tools to compare the impact and risk implications of different sourcing decisions.

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